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Business writing

Our emphasis

We teach written communication to executives and employees. For this purpose, we develop training concepts and run our seminars and workshops in-company. They are practical, challenging and closely tailored to your needs.


Our course offer

Writing effectively

You will learn more about the latest trends in business writing and its style, as well as the essentials of an adequate structure to achieve the desired effect – so that you can write reader-friendly communications.

Writing without mistakes

You will practise everything you need to write correctly: spelling, punctuation and grammar – so that you can draft faultless communications.

Writing minutes

You will learn how to write effective, clear and reader-friendly minutes – so that everybody will enjoy reading them.

Writing reports and expert’s opinion

You will learn how to describe, structure and summarize actions and processes – with effective key phrases and expressions, convincing justifications and clear descriptions.

Writing effective press releases

If you want to catch your readers’ attention, you need to know the basic principles. You will learn the main elements and their effect and apply them immediately – so that it will be a pleasure to read your press releases.

Business writing coaching

Learning does not automatically mean knowing how to apply the knowledge acquired in the workplace. Business writing coaching provides personalized support and enables you to pursue specific goals, individually or in small groups. Step by step you will perfect your communications and therefore also your writing style – in-company or online, according to your needs.

Seminars – workshops – coaching – consultancy

Quality management correspondence / corporate language and guidelines / style / online concepts / social media and blogs / chatbot and Messenger / writing effectively / reports / minutes / HR correspondence / emails and letters / storytelling / reader-friendly and easy-to-understand language


Good to know


Four languages – one network

When it comes to business writing, we know what we are talking and writing about – in four languages.


One-to-one and in groups

We train executives and employees in small groups – up to 12 people – or one-to-one, according to your needs.


In-company and online training courses

We offer both in-company and online courses. On-site training facilitates interaction and helps improve collaboration within the workplace, whereas you would save on travel time for the online teaching.


Customised concepts

We support small, medium-sized and large companies throughout Switzerland with our experience and knowledge – individually and with great commitment.